Monday, July 27, 2015

A French Girl in New York by Anna Adams

A French Girl in New York by Anna Adams
Source: ebook
Pages: 490
Publisher: Smashwords
Release Date: December 21st 2012
Series: The French Girl; Book 1
Verdict: Buy

SummaryMaude Laurent is a spirited 16 year-old orphan who grew up in a small, provincial town in the North of France with a passion for piano and a beautiful voice. One day in Paris, she is discovered by an American music producer who takes her to New York to live with him and his close-knit family while producing her first album, with help from teen pop star, Matt. Maude will dive into a new fascinating world discovering New York City, music, family, love and the truth about her past.

Review: I stumbled across this book (and thus, series) while browsing on my phone through the free books offered. It was part of a series starter list, and little did I know, this series would become one that I'd go through very quickly.

A French Girl in New York has a bit of a fairytale-esque quality to it because the setting is of a girl with a troublesome upbringing. Maude is an orphan who has immense talent, but is treated like dirt by the ones who are her guardians. She's miserable and basically a servant. Sound a bit familiar?

The thing I love about Maude is that despite all the lousiness, she remains spirited. She has her own goals, and stays true to herself. Maude is spunky, nice, fun, and talented. She's one of those characters that really captures attention because of spirit, and oh, Maude definitely has a great spirit. 

I adored all (well, most... some characters really were asking for it...) of the characters and I loved the fact that they all played an essential role in Maude's new life. The family of Soulville, the music company that takes Maude in, was one that welcomed Maude and all of her talent. They respected her for all that she was and for all that she was capable of doing, and that's something that has to be admired.

The setting of the oh-so-glamorous New York City viewed through the eyes of Maude, an innocent girl who has never traveled anywhere outside of her small hometown, let alone one of the biggest cities in the world, is really refreshing. 

And I think I might be forgetting a very minor (I kid... very major is more like it) character in this book... Who could that be? Oh right, Matt. Matt is so awesome. At first, Matt and Maude get off to a bit of a rough start, but it slowly changes. And that change is amazing and great and cute and hilarious. Both Maude and Matt are spirited, so clashing two people with highly vocalized opinions and crazy talent is something that must be experienced.

A French Girl in New York is a great series starter. It's a light, quick, and fun, but extremely enjoyable read. There's a lot of craziness going on, but it's the good kind. Upon finishing this, I knew I had to have more of Maude and Matt and everyone else, so I immediately purchased the next of The French Girl series. Reminiscent of a certain fairytale that might be familiar, but with an added modern twist, A French Girl in New York is a book that is well-executed, intense, and full of spirit.

Stay tuned for my review of the next book in line, A French Star in New York. Maude, Matt, and New York definitely won't disappoint... 

Really enjoyed


  1. Hmmm, fairy tale esque? Sounds intriguing. This doesn't seem like something I would typically enjoy. I'm so glad you enjoyed it so much! Hopefully the next book was amazing? I will indeed keep an eye for your review.

    Excellent review, Grace!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. It's definitely more along the lines of contemporary! And yes, I really liked the next one! I just posted the review! There are a total of four books in this series, so I'll wrap the series up next week!

      Thanks so much, Alyssa!

      -Grace :)