Monday, June 1, 2015

Nantucket Red by Leila Howland

Nantucket Red by Leila Howland
Source: Library
Pages: 288
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Release Date: May 13th 2014
Series: Nantucket; Book 2
Verdict: Buy

SummaryCricket Thompson's lifetime of overachieving has paid off: she's headed to Brown University in the fall, with a spot on the lacrosse team and a scholarship that covers almost everything. Who knew living in the dorm cost money? An Ivy League education seems to mean living at home for the next four years.

When Cricket is offered the chance to earn enough cash to afford a real college experience, she heads back to Nantucket for the summer. But the faraway island challenges Cricket in ways she hadn't anticipated. It's hard to focus on earning money for next year, when she finds her world opening up in entirely new ways-to art, to travel, and, most unexpectedly, to a future completely different from the one she has been working toward her whole life. A friendship blossoms with Ben, the gorgeous surfer and bartender who encourages Cricket to be free, even as she smarts at the pain of seeing Zack, her first love, falling for her worst enemy.

But one night, when Cricket finally lets herself break all her own rules, she realizes she may have ruined her carefully constructed future with one impulsive decision. Cricket must dig deep to fight for her future, discovering that success isn't just about reaching goals, but also about listening to what she's been trying to ignore-her own heart.

Review: After reading Nantucket Blue, I (mentally, of course) beat myself up because I didn't realize this was a two-book series. That meant that... I didn't have the second book. And oh my gosh, that was bad. Because once I came to the end and realized that there would be more, I googled. And, well, there was more. It came in the form of Nantucket Red, and I didn't have it. Obviously I had to put a hold at the library immediately. But then came the waiting. It wouldn't have been so bad had I not tortured myself by reading the summary over and over again, getting more and more excited that there was more Nantucket. But I did, and long story short, don't start the Nantucket series without having the whole series with you. Seriously, you'll thank me.

Anyway, I finally got my hands on this (hooray for libraries) and I kind of, sort of, definitely read this right away. I opened it and didn't close it until the story of Nantucket was over. It continues basically right where Nantucket Blue ends, so I just wanted to know how everything ended. This time I was certain that there were only two books in the series, so I was safe to just curl up and read. 

I'm definitely not disappointed in any way (this book was really fab), but I've got to say that I liked the first book more. That's not really a shocker to me, because I've realized that I tend to enjoy the first books of series the most. Perhaps because it's the first book that started it all? Or maybe it's just something altogether... I don't really know. But I do know that this series is so worth the read. Just, whatever you do, don't, under any circumstances, start this without having both books in your reach. It was seriously a rough wait.

In this book, all the characters have had time to deal with the rough, tough, bad, and sad times. This also meant that more happy times started appearing as everyone grew up and matured. It's always fun reading about characters that adjust, learn, and live. Discovering a character's huge change is always a defining and beautiful moment.

The writing was just so great. It had an effortless flow that draws you in and doesn't let you back out until the book has been eaten alive (gently and with kindness, of course).

This book was the perfect way to end the Nantucket adventures, because there was closure and new beginnings. The ending of Nantucket Red had the perfect amount of cuteness - not too little, not too much, but just enough. The characters all kept their charming (or sometimes not so charming) personalities, changed for the better, and grew into people I wish were real, because honestly, I'd love to meet a Cricket, a Jules, a Zack, a Liz, a George... and oh, the list goes on. All in all, this book was perfect, perfect, perfect.

I'm sorry to have to say goodbye to Nantucket, but I know that it will always be there for me. And I mean it. Because I plan on reading this again and again. The next times, though, I'll be better prepared and have both books with me. Live and learn, right?

Pure perfection


  1. The name "Cricket" is such an interesting one. But five stars, woah! Sounds pretty perfect :) I doubt like YA contemporary very much so I doubt I'll be reading this one, but I'm very happy to see that you loved the series. Excellent review, Grace!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. Cricket is definitely a unique name! And yeah, I really enjoyed this series. I feel like it's one that I can turn to whenever I want a guaranteed read that is lighthearted yet emotional as well. This was one of the better YA contemporaries that I have read lately, but I totally understand that YA contemporary is a genre that can be hit or miss!

      Thanks so much, Alyssa!

      -Grace :)