Thursday, March 19, 2015

Another Little Piece of My Heart by Tracey Martin

Another Little Piece of My Heart by Tracey Martin
Source: ebook
Pages: 304
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Release Date: December 1st 2013
Series: Standalone
Verdict: Buy

SummaryWhat if your devastating break-up became this summer’s hit single? In this rock-and-roll retelling of Jane Austen’s Persuasion, music can either bring you together or tear you apart. 

At her dying mother’s request, Claire dumps Jared, the only boy she’s ever loved. Left with a broken family and a broken heart, Claire is furious when she discovers that her biggest regret became Jared’s big break. While Jared is catapulted into rock-star status, another piece of Claire’s heart crumbles every time his song plays on the radio.

The summer after her senior year, it’s been months since the big break-up, and Claire is just trying to keep her head down and make it through a tense trip to the beach with her family. But when Jared shows up, and old feelings reignite, can Claire and Jared let go of the past? Or will they be stuck singing the same old refrain?

Review: I'm not going to lie. After reading this, I did in fact read it again. No joke, I actually read this twice, back to back. That's how good this book is. The plot line was woven together so nicely and I completely fell in love with the characters. 

This is a story about a girl who is in a tricky situation in her life, experiencing familial, personal, and social problems. The social problems relate to a certain famous ex who got famous for writing evil songs about her. Okay, so maybe the songs weren't evil, but I'm just going to go with that, because it sounds cooler than describing them as over exaggerated, super popular, but still hurtful, songs. So basically, they're evil.

Anyway, it's been two years since all the conflict and heartache, but then Jared, the famous artist, and Claire, the conflicted subject, get thrown back together. And it's everything I could expect in this kind of a story yet also everything I never in my wildest dreams would dream to expect. To me, that's what makes this book so brilliant. I mean, come on. The plot line is seriously amazing, and from the first sentence, I was in love with this book. 

There was nothing that I didn't like. Everything and everybody had a purpose, and it became a story, one that I wished I was apart of. The huge presence of music, incorporation of realistic life problems, and the path to finding yourself created something more than just a story. It created an alternative world where anything is possible, and where everything can truly be done. 

Plus, the chemistry between Claire and Jared was just, oh my gosh... I honestly have no words to describe the relationship between the two other than oh my gosh, because seriously, oh my gosh.

If you want to have a book that you'll love forever, please, read Another Little Piece of My Heart now. Like right now. It's a quick and light read, and because of that, you can justify reading it again. Like I did. It's really that good.

So... Brb, I'm just going to go read this again, because, and I really can't say this enough, oh my gosh. 

Pure perfection

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